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Problems with Barcode Medication Administration

Erin Graham

West Arizona A& Meters

October 02, 2012


Medication problems are being among the most significant reason for patient personal injury in all types of medical errors (Johnson, Carlson, Tucker, & Willette, n. d). In the breastfeeding profession, medication administration errors occur 34% of the time, second only to medical doctor ordering problems (Gooder, 2011). The introduction of information technology, such as the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA), offers fresh opportunities intended for reducing medicine administration problems. BCMA was developed by the Veteran's Affairs Clinic in 1998 to improve the documents of medication administration, lower medication problems and provide a great accountability time profile (Johnson et approach., n. d).

Errors with Barcode Medicine Administration

It has been confirmed that medicine errors might occur 34% of the time during administration and most often consist of patient injury (Gooder, 2011). Medication operations is a primary nursing responsibility, as well as ensuring patient security when giving medications (Nursing Practice Act). The introduction of the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) was designed to showcase safe medicine practices gives new options for reduction and/or avoidance of medication administration mistakes. The BCMA system has been used by the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center seeing that 1999 with great achievement. It is a wi-fi, clinical data system attainable via computer that can be moved from one individual room to a new, equipped with a keyboard and hand- kept scanner. Studies done for a Philadelphia hospital showed a 86. 5% accuracy rate prior to implementation in the BCMA system and a 97% accuracy rate following BCMA was introduced (" Pennsylvania Sufferer Safety Admonitory, " 2008). This system, however , does not arrive without failing and most usually the failure is not the technology from the system nevertheless the misuse of the...

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