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Case Overview and Thought Questions

> MKTG 534-301 – Fall 2012 – Exec MBA Plan

Integrated Market Communications and Brand Supervision

Dr . Ralph Oliva

Be aware: Cases will be discussed in the lecture – Please be sure to examine all of them. Concerns below will assist in thinking through the ramifications of each case, and in planning " Circumstance Insights. ” Each group should turn in at least 4 Circumstance Insights – if more are posted, the best 5 grades will probably be selected as part of your final level (40%)

Case you: (Saturday, 9/22/12) Harley-Davidson – " The Posse Ride”

Harvard Business Institution Case No . 9-501-015.

A neat initially case about how a powerhouse brand uses " community” and community events to build relationships using its customers, and powerful company loyalty and equity.

Questions to consider:

1 . Your recommendation for the Harley-Davidson managing team: Will need to Harley-Davidson continue to sponsor the Posse Trip? Why or why not? What role if the Posse Trip play in the HOG Events? 2 . Do you find some " tensions” within a community function such as the posse ride – what are that they and can you imagine of approaches to manage them? 3. Exactly what are the business/other risks within an event of this sort? Just how would you take care of them? some. How if the Posse Ride be created to maximize it is effectiveness and profit potential, should you decide to keep it? five. What is HOG's role in developing community for the Harley-Davidson manufacturer? 6. What is their opinion of Harley-Davidson's technique and performance in " getting close to its customers”? Are there issues hiding in there?

Case 2: (Saturday 9/22/12) " An instance for Manufacturer Loyalty”

Harvard Business School, Case No . 9-598-023

An interesting dialogue on the individual side of brand loyalty, revealing the fact that the definition of manufacturer loyalty on its own is a couple of some controversy. This case explores the relationships different people (and different segments) have with their brand of espresso. It explores the often deeply...


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