Capital Treatment and Thoughts and opinions Essay

Opinion Essays

Composition of the Thoughts and opinions Essay:

Introduction – presents the topic and state the opinion clearly

Body -- consists of three or more paragraphs each showing a separate point of view supported by reasons/examples

Conclusion – summarizes/restates the opinion employing different words

Useful Dialect

То share opinion: In my opinion, In my opinion, I do believe, In my perspective, I highly believe, I realize it, It seems like to me (that), As far as I am concerned, I actually am (not) convinced that..., In my opinion/view …My opinion is that …, I (firmly) believe …, I (definitely) feel/think that, I am inclined to think that …… То list points: To start with, first of all, to begin with, Firstly, to start with То add more points: what is more, one other major explanation, also, furthermore, moreover, moreover to this/that, besides, what is more, not to mention the truth that То introduce contrasting viewpoints: It truly is argued that, People believe, There are folks who oppose, Despite what many people believe, As opposed to the above concepts

To expose examples: for instance , for instance, just like, in particular, specifically To conclude: In conclusion, All in all, That being said, Taking everything into account.

Physical exercise 1

Browse the following versions and response these concerns:

a) Which can be an " advantages and disadvantages" argumentative essay? b) Which are the advantages and disadvantages mentioned?

c) Which is a great argumentative essay expressing judgment?

d) Just how is every viewpoint recognized?

Finally, supply the paragraph summarize.

Computers: A blessing or a curse?

Almost every home, business office or institution has a computer of some type these days. Many people think that these equipment are now an essential part of our lives, but just how necessary are they really?

One of many advantages is the time that can be saved simply using a computer. This is particularly beneficial in the workplace, where staff can perform their function far faster than they will could in past times. In addition to this, computers can be educational and entertaining. From a really young age children can gain basic computer system skills through programmes that allow them to master, draw, paint and play. In today's technical world, this kind of knowledge can simply help them down the road.

However , there are numerous negative factors to applying computers. Many roles have been shed due to the fact that personal computers can perform a lot of jobs more efficiently than humans. It has led to large unemployment in many countries. What is more, personal computers can actually cause health problems. Limitless hours before a display can cause eyesight strain and headaches, which can be serious side effects.

To sum up, it appears that computers really are a useful addition to our fast-moving world of substantial technology. Yet , it must be appreciated that they are below to serve us – not to change us.

Pcs are a requirement. Do you concur or argue? Support the opinion with arguments and examples.

Computer systems play an essential role inside the lives of all of us today, whether we all realize this or certainly not. Some people, yet , are beginning to inquire if we really need them. In my opinion, computers have become a necessary part of modern life.

To start with, computers can help you a lot of storage space. Keeping information on pc disks is one of the most efficient means of keeping info. One computer disk can take the same amount info as a number of books.

Furthermore, computers conserve everyone a lot of beneficial time. Stored information can be found at the contact of a button, whereas searching for that manually takes much longer. Consequently , our every-day lives are made easier - from going to the lender to carrying out the searching.

Nevertheless, you will find those who claim that computers will be unnecessary and make our lives more complicated. They argue that in past times we handled very well employing other strategies and that we have become also dependent on computers. However , that they fail to consider that the time saved through the use of computers...


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