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CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION Secondary School Examination (Class-X) Session 2011-2013 ( Results of Class -- X ) Roll No Mother's Identity Date of Birth 6101875 SANGEETA BANKA 16/01/1998 Name Father's /Guardian Name HARDIK BANKA ALTURA BIHARI BANKA

Part you - Educational Areas -- Academic Efficiency: Subject 101 085 041 086 087 ENGLISH COMM. HINDI COURSE-B MATHEMATICS SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH SOCIAL RESEARCH FA A2 A1 A1 A1 A2 SA A2 A2 A2 A2 A2 TOTAL A2 A1 A1** A2 A1** CGPA GP 09 12 10 2009 10 on the lookout for. 6

Portion 2 Co- Curricular Areas: Part 2A - Lifestyle Skills 511 - CONSIDERING SKILLS 512 - INTERPERSONAL SKILLS 513 - PSYCHOLOGICAL SKILLS Part 2D - Attitude and Values toward 521- TEACHERS 522- SCHOOL-MATES Grade Part 2B -- Work Education A A A Grade A A 523- INSTITUTION PROG. & ENV. 525- VALUE DEVICES A A 514 -- WORK EDUCATION Part 2C - Visual and Executing Arts 515 - AESTHETIC & PERFORMING ART Class A Quality A

Part 3 Co- Curricular Activities: Part 3A- Activites 531 - LITERARY & INNOVATIVE SKILL 532 - CLINICAL SKILLS Grade A A Part 3B-Health & Phy. as well as Edu. 541 - SPORTS/INDIGENOUS SPORTS 548 - GARDENING/SHRAMDAN Grade M A

Result: QUAL

Notice: Abbreviations used against End result:

** -- Upgraded Grade by one level

QUAL- Qualified pertaining to Admission to raised Classes, In. E-Not Eligible, EIOP-Eligible intended for Improvement of Performance, D. R-Not Authorized, NIOP-Not Qualified to receive Improvement of Performance, R. W-Result Withheld, XXXX-Appeared to get Upgradation of Performance/ Added Subject, UFM-Unfair Means ABST-Absent, SJD-Subjudice, TRNS-Transfer Case

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CBSE tenth Results

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