April 26, 2006

Table of Contents


I. Statement of Purpose

II. Affirmation of Issue

III. Individuals

IV. Aims:

A. Creation Objectives

B. Evaluative Targets

V. Data Collection

MIRE. Data Analysis

VII. Definition of Terms

VIII. Budget

IX. Timeline

Times. Bibliography

XI. Exhibits




April 26, 2005

The purpose of this proposal should be to determine if employing a Wireless LAN in the Bank's T-4 seminar center will improve LOCAL AREA NETWORK services for employees, tenants, and visitors, although also determine if this can be a personal funding and secure motivation. In order to make this kind of determination, all of us desire to execute a small study experiment that individuals believe will clearly demonstrate the need for pursuing the full execution of a Cellular LAN. We also assume that this experiment will provide the justification to obtain full managing support to pursue this initiative. The research experiment that people propose to initiate contains two online surveys, contacting others in the location that sponsor conference centers, and applying a small Wireless LAN as being a pilot. The two surveys will be issued to Bank employees who have reserved a room inside the conference centre in the past, and Bank tenants and guests, who have as well reserved the conference middle in the past. These kinds of surveys will ask the respondents demographic questions, including the department or perhaps industry that they work in, inclination questions such as if they have been satisfied with the present LAN services in the meeting center, and finally if they are knowledgeable about Wireless technology, and if they might be offering a small fee to have access to Wireless technology in our conference center. All of us will also be getting in touch with other companies, in the area of the Bank, who have rent convention center space to the general public. We would like to determine what LAN services they give, and what their value structures will be. Finally we will be conducting a pilot by implementing a tiny Wireless LOCAL AREA NETWORK in one area of the Bank's conference centre. This pilot will permit us to ascertain information such as, how much interest the seminar center consumers will have in Wireless technology, what the lowering of support will be inside the management of Wireless technology compared to the current Wired technology, and after securities review, is a Wireless technology as protect as the Wired technology. In addition to the over examples of info we will certainly obtain, we all will also execute data examination on the over information collected, and will determine what relationships can be found. For example , is there a relationship involving the number of people participating a conference centre event and the interest in Wifi technology? This article assist us in deciding which conference rooms to implement the Wireless LOCAL AREA NETWORK access. Only when groups of twenty people or maybe more are interested in having Wireless LOCAL AREA NETWORK access, then it is not reasonable for all of us to put into action this kind of gain access to in all the smaller sized rooms from the conference middle. We believe that the Wireless LAN initiative could have a positive business impact on the bank. First, it truly is our intention to elevate meeting center user satisfaction by providing this addition LAN efficiency. Second, we anticipate this kind of to be a cost benefits initiative. Through our exploration experiment we will show a significant reduction in support costs intended for the specialized management of any Wireless LAN. This will also allow us to reduce our current two day lead-time for meeting center LOCAL AREA NETWORK requests to two hours, and this reduction will also improve the overall end user satisfaction. Third, our initial LAN can give us a chance to perform an exhaustive reliability review of this Wireless technology. We understand that the increased user pleasure and price reductions can only be a benefit to the Financial institution, if this proposed initiative is totally secure and introduce any kind of risk to our current LOCAL AREA NETWORK....

Bibliography: Developing Objective: Simply by September 1, 2005, the researcher can submit a study to management detailing the recommended setup of a Cellular LAN, to get the Bank of Boston.

Implementation Activities: The next activities will probably be conducted by the researcher during May, june 2006, through Aug, 2005.

Facts Statement: This kind of objective may have been achieved when the final Wireless LOCAL AREA NETWORK proposal record is posted to supervision by Sept 1, june 2006.

Evaluative Target:

Evaluative Objective: By The fall of 1, 2005 (2 months after developing report is submitted), LOCAL AREA NETWORK support efforts for the Bank’s convention area will be significantly lowered, which will in-hand reduce THIS support costs


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