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Essay Topics

1 ) Should people be required to wear helmets whilst driving a motorcycle, 4-wheeler, or bike? Why or perhaps why not? In the essay, support your thoughts and opinions with factors and/or examples.

2 . Do you think that a statewide curfew must be set for all teenagers? Why or perhaps you should? In your dissertation, support your opinion with reasons and/or examples.

several. Are field trips great for students, why or really want to? In your essay, support the opinion with reasons and/or examples.

four. What are the qualities of the true friend? In your dissertation, support the opinion with reasons and/or examples.

five. What can people perform to increase their very own life expectancy? Publish an essay explaining what folks can do to live a longer, higher quality your life.

6. What is the best decision you available? Write an essay explaining this decision and the influence it has produced, or will make, on your life.

7. What has been the best period in your life and why? Inside your essay, support your opinion with factors and/or cases.

8. What is their favorite hobby and for what reason? In your article, support the opinion with reasons and/or examples.

on the lookout for. What do you think the most problem in the world is and why? In your article, support your opinion with reasons and examples.

10. Who is an important person that you have looked up to and who may have helped you in your lifestyle? Write an essay determining this person and explaining just how their actions made a positive change in your life.

11. What is your best quality? In your essay, support your judgment with factors and/or examples.

12. There are many simple things people may do to guard their overall health. Write an essay outlining how people can begin to safeguard their health without considerably changing their particular lifestyle.

13. What is the ultimate way to combat tension? In your dissertation, support the opinion with reasons and examples.

14. Honesty is the foremost policy. Will you agree or perhaps disagree with this declaration? In your essay, support the opinion with reasons and examples.

15. In our society today, we use many inventions. Some of these developments are helpful, and several of them just seem to generate life more troublesome. Recognize an invention that is particularly beneficial or especially troublesome to you. Write an essay detailing why you are feeling this technology is useful or perhaps troublesome. Offer reasons and examples to support your perspective.

16. It is better to be brought up as a great only child than to get raised in a family with brothers and sisters. Do you really agree or disagree with this statement? Write a great essay delivering your perspective and promoting it with specific cases from your own encounter or the observations of others.

17. The particular a good leader? Within an essay clarify the quality you believe is most important to a good leader. Support your ideas with specific good examples. Use your personal observations, knowledge, and know-how.

18. Safeguarding the environment has become a global concern, perhaps the issue is a air, crops or animals, or a particular body of water in one's community. In an article, identify 1 environmental problem that concerns you and make clear what you feel should be done to address that concern.

19. The actual a better family pet, a dog or maybe a cat? Within your essay, support your thoughts and opinions with reasons and/or good examples.

20. In the event that you where given $1 million to spend, how would you dedicate it? You can use it for yourself, family members, or friends. Compose an composition explaining what you would do with this funds if spending it on yourself, your friends, family, and colleagues was not a possibility.

21. A large number of people consider you cannot study everything in school. Some declare experience is the foremost teacher. In addition important to someone's education: items learned in school or through real life experience?

22. What do you think are the most effective reasons for time for school this year? In an article explain for you to decide with factors and/or cases.

23. Make clear the cause(s) of a lot of clothing or...


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