Ghillyer EthicsNow IM Ch01 Essay


Understanding Ethics

Table of Contents

Chapter Summary and Learning Outcomes2

Frontline Focus: Carrying out the Right Factor Questions3

Learning Outcomes4

Life Skills8

Improvement Check Questions9

Ethical Situation Case 1 . 1 – Peer Pressure13

Ethical Problem Case 1 . 2 – The Overcrowded Lifeboat14

Frontline Focus: Doing the Right Thing—Megan Makes a Decision Questions15 Important Terms16

Assessment Questions17

Assessment Exercises18

Staff Exercises20

Thinking Critically22

Section Summary

This chapter starts by understanding ethics and exactly how people decipher between " right” and " wrong” or " good” and " bad” behavior. It explores how people live their lives according to a standard of " right” or " wrong” tendencies and how their very own personal set of morals are formed. Society plays a role in the traditions and customs that shape the standards or meaningful set that people adopt. Common standards distributed among persons can be called beliefs or a values system. Many people have different meanings of values such as, personal integrity, guidelines of ideal individual tendencies, rules of appropriate patterns for a community or world, and some specify ethics since simply " doing the right thing. ” The Fantastic Rule—do on to others as you may would have all of them do unto you—is also a goal of living a great ethical life by a lot of. There are also some ethical hypotheses discussed, which can be divided into 3 categories: advantage ethics, ethics for the higher good, and universal ethics. The part is came to the conclusion with a debate on honest relativism, utilized ethics, honest dilemmas, and the way to resolve these types of situations.

Learning Outcomes

After studying this kind of chapter, students should be able to:

1 . Define integrity.

2 . Make clear the part of ideals in honest decision-making.

3. Understand other ethical hypotheses and their restrictions. 4. Go over ethical relativism.

5. Explain an honest dilemma and apply a process to resolve it.

Extended Section Outline

Note: Key terms will be in boldface.

Frontline Concentrate

Doing the ideal Thing Queries

1 . What would be " the right thing” to do here? How will the " Golden Rule” on page six relate to Megan's decision? The " right thing” to do here is always to run the Wilson's program through the common procedure and approve their application, pending everything in the background check results as acceptable. The Golden Rule—do on to others whenever you would have these people do unto you—applies to Megan's decision because she wouldn't need someone to deny or intentionally delay her application due to her ethnicity.

installment payments on your How will you resolve this ethical dilemma? Review the three-step method on page 9 for more details. Megan first needs to analyze the consequences. If the girl listens to Kate, she could hinder the Wilson's chances of getting a flat. If your woman goes against Kate, she could jeopardize her job, but will do the " right thing” with respect to the Golden Rule by not discerning. Second, Megan should assess possible activities. Listening to Kate would be unethical, whereas disobeying Kate is the honest, good, and " right thing” to do. Finally, Megan must make a decision.

3. What should Megan do right now?

Megan needs to make a decision. She needs to approach Kate designed to promote your event and have an analysis on her moral point of view. The ethical decision would be to follow through with the Wilson's application inside the standard treatment just the same as any other family members.

Learning Outcome 1: Establish Ethics.

The opening Frontline Focus case shows how a rental agent faces an ethical decision with her new boss. The discipline of ethics is the research of how people try to live their lives according to a standard of " right” or " wrong” habit. Many people define can be right and wrong because of many factors, such as the way they were increased, their religious beliefs, and the practices and beliefs of their contemporary society. Society is actually a structured community of people certain together by simply similar practices...


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