Islam Christianity Judaism and Cultural Variety Final Conventional paper

Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Cultural Diversity

Alicia Lue

Devry University

Study course Number: SOCS350

July 2013

Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Cultural Variety

Religion has always been and will be one of the main influences that shape our society. The three major Western religions of the world are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Christianity is said to be the largest with an estimated two billion supporters and Islam the second major with 1 . 5 billion dollars followers (Ali-Karamali, 2008). These types of three made use of are important to cultural range, because religious beliefs is what shapes a tradition and permits individuals to contact form identities. Religious beliefs are in the center of the human beings lifestyle and provide the moral unique codes by which people live. Each of the three key religions possess set morals that aid to explain the main reason humans are present and helps guidebook their human relationships and behaviours among the other person. Although these types of religions share the same beginnings, there are dissimilarities amongst them. The comparison of Islam with Christianity and Judaism

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are monotheistic beliefs, meaning the belief in one Our god, " Allah” according to Muslims (Ali-Karamali, 2008). They can be considered to be Abrahamic religions, mainly because they find their history to the agreement that Our god made with Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. These three made use of believe that Goodness is the founder of all that exists, and he likes you all creations and wishes the health and wellness of all (Ali-Karamali, 2008). All three religions control and provide guidance through their basic rules to their followers, which enable them to produce decisions toward being righteous in the eye of The almighty. Islam, Christianity and Judaism believe that most humans will be children of Abraham, and God made humans filled with mystery, meaning that they have the opportunity of continuous development. Human beings are not perfect, however , they are able of good and evil (Los Angeles Oriental Learning Center, n. deb. ). If humans grow in righteousness, many advantages and like, they become just what God meant human amazing benefits to be. Three major religions have a holy book, even though they could not have precisely the same religious theories, they are sacred to each religion. Islam's holy book is known as the Qur'an, for Christianity the o Bible is vital scripture, as well as for Judaism the important thing scripture is definitely the Toran (Smith, 1999). The three religions central focus is usually on peace, as confirmed by the related greetings in each faith meaning " peace become upon you”: ‘Shalom Aleichem' in Judaism, ‘pax vobiscum' in Christianity, and ‘As-salamu alaykum' in Islam (Ali- Karamali, 2008). Islam is similar to Judaism in terms of the emphasis that is added to its procedures rather than on the beliefs, and law rather than dogma (Esposito, 2012). Religious laws will be the primary religious disciplines in Islam and Judaism, whereas in Christianity theological morals have been the discipline and also have caused debates over " the nature of the Trinity and also the relationship of Jesus' human being and keen natures” (Esposito, 2012). On the other hand, the discussions and arguments that have arisen in the past for Judaism and Islam are recorded the subject of spiritual laws with regards to religious practices (Esposito, 2012). Muslims, who also are people who practice the Islamic beliefs must value Jews and Christians since illustrated in one of the verses present in the Qur'an: " And do not argue with the Followers of Earlier Revelation, otherwise in a most kindly manner, unless it be such of those as are bent on evildoing [and are consequently not available to friendly argument] and say” ‘We trust in what have been bestowed from upon excessive upon all of us, as well as that that can be bestowed after you: to get our Our god and your God is one and the same, and it is on to him that we [all] give up ourselves' (Ali-Karamali, 2008). Muslims believe that the God who appeared to Muhammad is the same God that appeared to Mandsperson, Moses, Noah, Abraham and...

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