Essay on Street Children: a Journey Into Heaven

Street Kids: A Voyage into Haven


THEME: Street Kids

TITLEStreet Children: A Quest into Paradisepoker

I. The Course of Misplaced Childhood

A. Factors of Street Kids Existence

M. Life of Street Kids

C. Streets Children Happening

II. Working with Street Kids

A. The Lost Child years

M. Health Conditions

C. Coping Approaches

D. Probable Solutions

3. Outcome with the Study

A. Adoption in the Philippines



Chapter I actually

The Course of Lost Years as a child

A road child can be described as young person, within the age of 12-15, who lives and rests in the streets, whose family ties happen to be broken and can't or won't go back home. They experience relatives problems, hunger, neglect and domestic violence so they escape from their homes and live part–time on the pavements without their families. Each needs to learn how to make it through alone. Seeing that no mature takes responsibility for them in the street. They live or rather struggle to survive. These children are usually found in the downtown areas, near channels and shopping malls or in garbage deposits for these spots provide all of them food or something to have and survive. Street youngsters are child workers. They face many challenges while living on the streets which are far from support systems and friends and family. Most of these youngsters are illiterate. They will don't have motivation, money or support and encouragement to analyze because a lot of them have fallen out of elementary school. They will join avenue gangs because of their own safety and they usually engaged themselves in scavenging, child labor, begging, peddling drugs and petty robbery. They work, beg and steal to outlive. Many land in jail, although often times their very own rights are often abused by the police while on the roadways. Because of the intense poverty experienced by almost all of the families in or region today, many children are deserted and are very vulnerable to avenue life. Some are sent by their families in to the cities with the hopes which a child can earn money for them who will be waiting in the home. Those kids who run abroad or from children's institutions are frequently those people who often finish up on the pavements. They almost never return home due to unable to start families, or physical, mental and sexual abused they skilled in their areas. Psychologists and social employees refer these types of problems as family mold or the break down of the elemental family.  This breakdown will certainly result to homelessness and the begin of infant's life in the street which extremely detrimental to these people and which is very common in the Philippine culture. The social phenomenon of street kids is elevating as the developing planet's population develops. According to the 98 report named " Situation of the Junior in the Israel, " there are about 1 ) 5 million street children in the Thailand. Everyday a street kid is seen strolling along the roads, looking for a place to stay. According to the study, estimated road children present in Mindanao local total to 22, 556 which is remarkably visible in the cities as well as the estimated total of all streets children in Mindanao is definitely 138, 328. Approximately 70% of the youngsters are boys. In Davao Metropolis, number of streets children is still continuously elevating until now. The Davao City Local Development Cover Children (2003-2007) says that in 2000, Davao got 1, 505 street kids. This determine more than doubled the following yr to 3, 213. According to the child-rights group Tambayan, most of the city's street children belong to bande. This human population is comprises already of the three distinct categories: the children on the street, whom works on the streets although do not live there. They generally have a home to come back to after operating and even a lot of them continues to show up at school although working extended hours on the pavements. Another is definitely the children in the street whom makes their homes in the street and often produces a sort of friends and family among...

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