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Santiago is a protagonist from the Alchemist. Delivered in a small town in Andalusia, he attends the college as a young man but longiligne to travel the earth. He finally gets the courage to ask his father's agreement to become a shepherd so that he can travelling the fields of Andalusia. One night, in an forgotten church, he dreams of a child telling him that if he goes to the Egypt Pyramids, he may find a prize. Later, this individual meets a mysterious person in the town of Importe, who transmits him over a journey towards the other side of Africa.

Santiago is a inquisitive boy whose open brain makes him particularly suited to find his own Legend. He also beliefs his freedom very highly, which is why he became a shepherd and why he could be reticent to get involved in issues which threaten his flexibility. In the end, this individual realizes that playing it safe is normally more frightening to his freedom than taking a risk.


Melchizedek is the king of Salem, a secret, far off land. Melchizedek seems to Santiago in the town sq . of Tarifa, where he explains to Santiago regarding the Spirit of the World great Personal Star for the first time. Melchizedek always seems to people who are trying to live their Personal Story, even if that they don't know it. While he appears in the beginning to be dressed up in common Arab dress, for one level he drags aside his cloak to reveal a rare metal breastplate encrusted with valuable stones. This individual also offers Santiago the magical rocks Urim and Thummim.

The Shopkeeper

Gives Santiago a career in Tangiers after he has been conned. Santiago requires the job on the crystal store and learns much regarding the shopkeeper's attitude toward life and the importance of fantasizing. The shopkeeper, while generally afraid to adopt risks, is definitely a kind guy and is aware of Santiago's quest - sometimes more than Santiago himself. This is the case when the shopkeeper explains to Santiago that he will not return to The country of spain, since it is usually not his fate.

The Brit

Santiago meets the Englishman for the caravan to Al-fayoum. The Englishman is intending to become a superb alchemist which is traveling to Al-Fayoum to study having a famous goldmacher who is rumored to be over 200 years old and to can turn any metal in gold. Santiago learns much about transformation from the Englishman, who lends Santiago his books while they travel and leisure across the Sahara.


A lovely girl whom lives in the Al-Fayoum beauty. Santiago falls in love with her with the well there. He and Fatima speak every day for many weeks, and finally he requires her to marry him. Fatima, however , insists that he seek out his Personal Tale before they will marry. This perplexes Santiago, but the Alchemist teaches him that true love never gets in the way of gratifying one's dreams. If it really does, then it is usually not true love.

The Alchemist

Very powerful alchemist who also lives in the Al-Fayoum palmeral in Egypt. Initially, Santiago hears about him through the Brit, but eventually Santiago is usually revealed to be the Alchemist's true student. The Alchemist dresses in most black and runs on the falcon to hunt for game. The Alchemist is also in possession of the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone.

The Coptic Monk

A very important but short piece in the publishing. Santiago and the alchemist take a look at the monastery, and the monk invites all of them in. This is considered a very important point in the story, as this is the place that the alchemist produces gold from a griddle of business lead (which the monk provides), separates disks into 4 parts, offers one to the monk, someone to himself, and essentially two to Santiago. The monk tries to reject the offering, but the alchemist tells him that " life might be listening, and offer [you] much less the next time". Afterward, once Santiago crawls back crushed and optimistic from the Pyramids, the monk gives him the different part of the rare metal disk and helps him restore.

Ideas for the storyplot [edit]

Coelho wrote The Alchemist in only two weeks in 1987. This individual explained having been able to publish at this pace because the...


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