Tree Plantation Essay

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means growing trees and plants. The purpose of tree plantation is preserve the decreasing in numbers environment and to beautify the life. Forest are valuable gifts of nature. They are really known as the best friends of humans. They gain us in a variety of ways. The lives of men and also other animals and insects are inconceivable with no existence of trees in the world.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give us fresh air without which in turn no living being can live. Trees give to us shade, treatments, food, fruits, furniture, gas etc . Forest also maintain your weather great and trigger rainfall. Additionally, they bind ground and thus stop erosion.

The land of Bangladesh is appropricate for the planting of different sorts of trees. Woods can be grown in the vast areas of ocean beaches. Both equally sides of the streets and railways offer wonderful scope pertaining to planting forest. The villagers can make the best use of their particular unused land by growing trees. 06 and This summer are the proper time for growing trees inside our country.

Woods are portion and parcel of our life. So , it really is our work to grow more trees and takes care of them in order to maintain equilibrium between guy and character. To make the region economically produced and to conserve the globe from green house effect, we should herb trees over a large scale.

Human population Problem in Bangladesh

Naturally populace of a nation is a property. It becomes problems when the nation cannot afford and give people the basic correct of your life. In our country population is certainly much a major problem because we have zero ability to deal with the large inhabitants.

The total land area of the country is all about 1, forty seven, 570 sq . kilometers. About 1400 mil people reside in this small area. At this point more than one thousand people live per rectangular kilometer. Once again every year a lot of 22, 00, 000 folks are added to each of our total inhabitants. Thus the country is very densely populated. In case the growth of populace continues through this alarming price, it will associated with problem to get food, shelter, education and health services of our nation.

There are many factors behind rapid inhabitants growth. Early marriage and illiteracy would be the important reasons behind population expansion. Improvement of medical facilities in the country, cure the death charge and raise the birth charge as well as enhance population. The individuals of the country know very little about none family planning nor the actual care for prepared families. Additionally, most of the people (85%) are illiterate and thus are not aware of the consequence of above population of any country.

To start with the high birth rate can be successfully checked through family preparing. Effective family planning may be the reliable method of controlling the inhabitants. Secondly, top priority should be provided to educate the mass. This will enable them to understand the benefit of family members planning along with the dangers of having big people. Finally, early marriage has to be stopped by law and its right application must be implemented among the list of people.

Inhabitants problem is a real great condition for Bangladesh. To make Bangladesh a good-natured livable place, the people combined with the government must come toward check populace explosion. Every person must know that it is a compulsory way to be aware of population control and management. It is just a matter of desire that federal government absolutely features taken a few steps to make each of our population an asset within a short time.

Game of Cricket


The game of cricket is incredibly interesting just like football. Its origin can be traced back in 13th 100 years. It is pleasurable outdoor video game. It is the countrywide game of English persons and its recognition has spread to other parts of the world. Now it is a of worldwide status and after this match-games of cricket are being played out in international tournaments.


Cricket is definitely played among two clubs. One is the...


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